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Leverage your SAS Analytics in CA

Lars Fiedler 0

SAS code snippets and stored processes can now be executed directly from Composable Analytics. This will allow you to leverage all your SAS analytics, and mash up the information from other sources like web services and external databases. To get started, first you need to use the SAS Workspace module to create the workspace where your SAS code will execute. Next, you can use any of the other SAS integration modules.

  • SAS Query – This allows you to execute a query on SAS tables and return back a resulting table. This table can then be joined with any other data.
  • SAS Program – This allows you to execute a stored process by name within SAS
  • SAS Code Snippet – If you have a bunch of adhoc SAS code, you can paste it into this module and simply run it.
  • SAS Fetch File – This module allows you to grab a resulting file (e.g. a html report) from within SAS.

Lars Fiedler

Lars has comprehensive expertise building large complex software systems, and has served as a Software Engineer at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory since 2010, where he began developing Composable Analytics. Prior to joining Lincoln Laboratory, Lars worked as a Software Engineer at Microsoft Corporation from 2006 to 2010. Lars received his MS in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2004, and his BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2003.

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